Poème d’anniversaire de mariage romantique en anglais pour faire une surprise à votre amour à son anniversaire, souhaiter joyeux anniversaire de mariage par un beau poème romantique sur une carte d’anniversaire ou par sms.

Poème d’anniversaire de mariage en anglais

Poème d'anniversaire de mariage en anglais

It is held on November 12,
Glorious day that you hold,
My wishes: Be happy,
And sparkles,

Star of my nights,
You in my heart that happy,
I hold you against me,
For you are my lord, my king,
 My beloved, my thirst, my juice,
My peace, my thanks and my curriculum,
Pole my Hemisphere
Yours !
Happy wedding anniversary!
On this day atmosphere,
I wish you a happy birthday,
A year more ephemeral,
To make way for a new era


Last year was unknown,
By a desire, it was seen,
Without a shadow doubt that you would have answered me,
To tell me that you liked me,

  The day of your 25 years,

I made you a present,
In a map open to feelings,
You are now my fiance,
To see life differently,

In no time,
I found you charming,
Passion overwhelming,
Beating heart,   
I am madly in love and it will be forever …
At the most beautiful of princesses 
A dear, has my goddess 
You are the star of my life 
My sunshine, my infinite hope 
I am lost without you 
You are my hearing, my smell, my sight 
Today your birthday is in the spotlight 
A welcome in my heart 
I offer you all my love 
To celebrate your birthday 
The most beautiful days.


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