Les meilleurs modèles de textes anniversaire de mariage en anglais

Les meilleurs modèles de textes anniversaire de mariage en anglais

Our love was born a remarkable complicity of a great desire to share. Years later, it continues to flourish in the tenderness and joy. Congratulations to all these seasons we’ve experienced. together, happy and in love. Happy birthday to both of us!

Happy Birthday long time, you navigate the waters of life, all you have gone through good weather and the rain … Your heart was marked by very bad weather, but love has sunny and warmed your best years. .. Best wishes!

Wishes for your birthday On the occasion of your birthday, nothing more special than a wish from the bottom of heart for a couple like you. Shared that love you, guides you to your dreams. May the joy and happiness be with you always. Happy birthday to you both

« Darling, it’s such a pleasure to celebrate our anniversary. The wedding day is for me … This unforgettable and magical day you became my wife and we said yes to be together forever
I will always love you « 

Happy birthday to a lovely couple « Beautiful mixed feelings grow over time, such as manicured rosebushes, they bloom again periodically. » It’s good to see you still united. It’s even better to know you are still in love. And this too obvious.

When we saw you together for the first time, we would have never thought to see you together for better or for worse. Yet today you said « yes » and before witnesses! Like what it’s true that opposites attract. It looks like they even end up staying glued! Congratulations for your wedding


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