Texte anniversaire de mariage 50 ans en anglais

  • You lean on me and I lean on you. What a blessing it is to have someone to lean on for 50 years!
  • After 50 years of living together, my heart still races when I see you, and I fall in love with you more each passing day.
  • Our 50th wedding anniversary is a time to look back at the wonderful times and look ahead to discover our dreams together.
  • 50 years and still together that alone is a great achievement, you love each other like your just one the golden year is here but many more to come.Happy 50th Anniversary.
  • To obtain a papal blessing to highlight a 50th wedding anniversary, you need to contact your parish office.
Texte anniversaire de mariage 50 ans en anglais
Happy 50th Anniversary
 Golden Wishes are being sent your way
 On this your Golden Wedding Anniversry.
 Fifty years together
50 years of memories
 Enjoy your Goden Wedding Anniversary
 With Love
happy 50th anniversary
 it was so clear from the start
 that we would be together
 till we were old farts
One by one each year flew by,
Since you both said « I do »…
Forty years of memories,
Shared by the two of you.
From big events and holidays
To simple daily pleasures,
Some tearful times along life’s way,
Some joys that can’t be measured…
One by one each year now gone,
But still they’re yours forever…
Each and every memory,
Of Fify years together!
 Happy Golden Anniversary
A partnership like yours is rare;
50 years you’ve been together!
You’ve always been a loving team,
In sunny and stormy weather.
 Nothing can tarnish your lasting love;
At 50 years, you’re gold.
Your affection shines as you go through the years,
With each other to love and to hold.
 By Joanna Fuchs


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